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Welcome to the Love your body Weblog,

My name is Ivan Waters, I am the founder of Loveyour body Pty Ltd and the Love your Body Challenge

In this blog I share thoughts, insights & throw down the gauntlet about fitness, nutrition & healthy mind training

You can also visit http://www.loveyourbody.com.au where are mission is to empower people to create sustainable healthy lifesty

Please feel free to email me ivan@loveyourbody.com.au

The Road to Fat-Ratsville: Over rewarded & under accomplished

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The Road to Fat-Ratsville: Over rewarded & under accomplished

I’ve been thinking about the nature of reward verses accomplishment, and I’ve developed an uncomfortable hypothesis: Our society is over rewarded & under accomplished, and it is turning us into “Fat-Rats”

A few days ago I was sitting in my favorite local café, treating myself to one of my favorite personal rewards – my black espresso coffee, about to start work for the day – when I started to wonder what I was really “rewarding” myself for?

For the briefest moment, I realized I was giving myself a reward for simply doing nothing….. Rapidly followed by about six quick justifications in a row:

“I deserve a treat occasionally (like every morning!)……”

“A coffee or two is really not such a bad vice compared with what most people do ….”

“I need it ……”

“Why can’t I just have what I want?”

“I can’t sit in the café doing work for a few hours and not order a coffee ….”

“It helps me relax & think ….”

“But I should get some reward for the good work I’m about to do ……”

Man! What a quagmire of mental gunk I’d stepped into.

How often do we want the “goodies” without doing the work?

Or how often do we give ourselves the “goodies” before doing the work?

And how often to we justify “goodies” as rewards for doing the work?

Why do we need rewards anyway?

My enlightened self was grasping something my indulgent self was trying to grease like a slippery eel

I reckon we reward ourselves with pleasurable things to compensate for being really bad at recognizing & being with accomplishment

We become addicted to quick & easy  “outside” pleasurable stuff to stimulate the “feel good” responses in the body, instead of receiving these responses in a healthy & productive way

When we accomplish something & recognize this accomplishment, a sense of pleasure is ignited & radiates within us.

Just watch what happens when you recognize & acknowledge a child as they accomplish something for the first time! They beam! It’s so cool!

No outside “pleasure” reward is needed. The recognition is enough. The accomplishment itself is the reward!

Somewhere along the line as we “grow up” we go a little off track.

Anyhow …… I was wondering what it would be like to live a life of accomplishment verses a life of reward (And the irksome justifications and impacts that come with it).

I think there are two elements to living a life of accomplishment:

  1. Being more present in one’s own life & expand our ability to recognize, acknowledge & experience accomplishment for our ourselves and others
  2. Pull our fingers out and do the work (and empower others to do the work) to accomplish some stuff and then practice element 1.

Anyhow I’m wondering if less reward & more accomplishment would benefit you?

If so, maybe you could play the Accomplishment Game with me for a week:

Definition: Accomplish: to carry out or complete something successfully

Rules of the Accomplishment Game:

  1. Notice what “rewards” you give yourself, and how you justify them
  2. Practice expanding your ability to be present in your own life & expand your ability to recognize, acknowledge & experience accomplishment for both our ourselves and others
  3. Pull our finger out and do the work (and empower others to do the work) to accomplish some stuff and then practice element 1.

Each day list 10 things you accomplished & allow yourself to experience the “feel-good” responses

For those that take on the game – I’d love to hear what happened out of playing the game

All the best

Crazey Ivan


Getting your T-REX on!

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Getting your T-REX on!

Yesterday an amazing thing happened.

I’m on a holiday road trip with my wife and little boy. I borrowed a mountain bike and went for a ride. I found an awesome little 4×4 track & was having a fun time, when all of a sudden a T-REX jumped out of a bush on my left and tried to catch & eat me!

My adrenalin surged & my legs pumped. I blasted up the next 200m of track. I just got away from that T-REX by a cat’s whisker

Eat my dust T-REX!

My lungs were heaving, but I survived!

It felt amazing!

Later in the ride he tried to catch me again twice more, but I had his measure & made it home safely


Now you might think, I’ve really gone a little crazey for sure this time, but I reckon inserting a T-REX (or similar) into your weekly exercise routine is just what you need

Let me digress……

In the Love your Body Challenge 10 Week body transformation program there are several Key Principles in the exercise program

“Survival Sprints” are one of these!

I define Survival Sprints as: A maximal sprint of between 10 – 60 seconds as if your life depended on it

Just imagine suddenly being chased by a wild head-hunter, a buffalo, a crocodile, a tiger, a rhino, a starving rabbit that thinks you are a carrot, or anything else that you imagine that gets you going

Whatever forms of fitness training you choose you will need to be active for a

minimum of just 20 min to a maximum of 60 min at a relaxed and sustainable pace and include 2 – 4 Survival Sprints in your session

Survival Sprints have multiple benefits:

  • Powerful neuro-physiological (mind-body) responses will take place
  • Your brain and body will send loud and clear signals to you: get fit, fast or die!
  • Your brain and body will send loud and clear signals your fat cells: to get rid of excess body weight (fat) or die!
  • Your brain and body will send signals to your muscles get strong  & functional or die!
  • Survival sprints optimizes excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC); which is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity (speeds up your metabolism for up to 38 hrs), this enhances the use of fats – particularly stored subcutaneous fat such as abdominal or hip fat
  • Survival Sprints or interval training is one of the quickest & most effective ways to enhance your overall cardio-vascular fitness
  • Powerful feel good, euphoria chemicals & hormones get released into your body sending the signal: I SURVIVED: I am ALIVE: I am a VICTOR!
  • It feels amazing

Important points about doing Survival Sprints:

1. For the first 3 weeks do NOT sprint at 100% capacity – Start out at 75% then

80%, 85%, 90%, 95% before you test yourself at 100%

2. Be responsible for any injuries – choose appropriate exercises

3. Do not do this high intensity training if you are sick or not in good health

4. Warm-up (at least 5 min) and cool down (at least 5 min) as a part of your

So …… here’s a challenge for you:

Over the next few weeks training: Get your T-REX on!

Good luck & may you feel the thrill of being a survivor!

Crazey Ivan

Congratulations! You are a winner!

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Congratulations! You are a winner!

That’s got a nice ring to it eh?

Well in this case, congratulations to all those that took up Crazey Ivan’s Challenge: The Perfect Storm – creating 3 days of 100% healthy food, exercise & mind training.

It was not for the faint hearted.

The winner of the Challenge was Karen Kirke, who gets bragging rights & I’ll be sending her a copy of a really cool book by Tony Buzan, called “Head Strong”: How to be mental & physically fit!

Also, a highly commended mention goes to Natasha Mills for her efforts in the face of adversity!

I was a little amused by parts of Karen’s 3 day perfect storm report, but I thought it was a good opportunity to get on the soap box (like I need an excuse) about the benefits of eating natural & unprocessed foods: fruit, veggies, eggs, nuts & some meats.

Karen said:

“When I first read your 3 day challenge, I thought ‘perfect timing’ as I had taken up your advice from the LYB challenge and put a structure in place re my exercise. I had joined a bootcamp and was exercising with them on Thursday and Friday mornings 6am to 7am ! Unheard of for me to get out of bed at 5:30am (unless it was a small child’s cry)

So I figured I had 2 days of the exercise challenge sorted!

But the most obvious benefit/reminder I got from the 3 days eating only natural unprocessed foods was how clean my digestive system felt….really cleaned out.

It was kind of like a mini cleanse. I like the feeling of being really empty when I pass motion and the only times I experience this is when I have a very high natural unprocessed diet. Not the best dinner table conversation but …..

Thanks for the opportunity to remind myself of this clean/good/thoroughly empty feeling in my digestive tract !!”

LOL. Thanks Karen!

You body is optimally adapted for this stuff. Eating this way feels great, but it does take some personal leadership.

I am often frustrated about media advertising that “whole grains” are so great because they contain fibre! Give me a break! Eat some raw fruit and vegetables for a few days and see of your digestive system starts working properly! And what’s more: High in vitamins & minerals, high water content, more filling and no toxic gluten & high sugar loads!

Anyhow, great work to all those that took up the gauntlet, of the 3 Day Perfect Storm!

Stay tuned for Crazey Ivan’s next members Challenge

The Perfect Storm: How doing these three simple things creates an unstoppable force of nature to create a body you love!

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I am always amazed at how simple life really is

And what’s even more amazing is my extraordinary ability to make it complicated, confusing and frustrating

I wonder if I am the only one with this ability

So I’m going to try to make this very simple

To create a healthy lifestyle & a body you love you need to do these 3 simple things on most days of your life:

  1. Eat delicious natural unprocessed foods: Relax, eat slowly, savior & chew your food thoroughly
  2. Be active & move your body: Your body needs to move – jump, skip, leap, lift, carry, dance, stretch, climb, swim, kick or throw – whatever floats your boat!
  3. Focus your mind: Train yourself to recognize & acknowledge unhealthy thinking, then focus on creating thoughts, feelings & actions – sometimes this takes effort, but these are the very times that it really matters. In every moment we have a choice about how we think. You are not a victim of your own mind, you are the creator of your thoughts

Develop ways to practice these three simple things on most days of your life and you will create the Perfect Storm – an unstoppable force of nature!

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”
George Bernard Shaw

Crazey Ivan’s Love your Body Members Challenge:


Winner receives:

A copy of the classic book (now out of print) by Tony Buzan – Head Strong

But more importantly: Get crowned The 2010 Perfect Storm Challenge winner with awesome bragging rights as a “FORCE of NATURE!”


  1. Must be a love your body member to enter (your friends can enter if they become love your body members)
  2. Must send me an email declaring you are up for the challenge of “The three day perfect storm” by Friday 29th July 2010
  3. For 3 days straight: Eat 100% natural unprocessed healthy food, exercise & train your mind!
  4. Email me a brief report on your “Three day Perfect Storm” by 5pm 6th of August 2010
  5. Best report wins!

All the best

Crazey Ivan

Crunch Time!

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It’s not often that I see an advertisement on television for food that I think. Yeah! …. Great Ad. ….. great product.

But I just saw one!

Congratulations to the guys who put this togeather. Awesome work!

I’m definitely going to be buying these in the future. Oh… I already do!

Well if nothing else – I feel even better about buying them!

Check it out:


The only thing I could add is –  go organic.

Better soils = better apples.

No chemical pesticides & herbicides = Better You

Don’t be afraid to keep the Doctor away!

Crunch time!

Dance your way to Victory!

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Now I might not be heading for “So you think you can dance” stardom, but a regular victory dance is good for the soul.

I am sometimes prone to doing a little victory dance to help me celerbrate victories… big and small.

I’m often rabiting on about the mind-body connection …. and today is no different.

Talk about mojo boosting 101. Victory dancing is nothing but mojo enhancing.

I’m throwing down a challenge – create a victory dance to help you celebrate a victory – and try to tell me it doesn’t feel good, put a smile on your face and improve your health!

A word of warning  – Victory Dances are contageous and can lead to outrageous and rediculous victories popping up everywhere!

Size Matters

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Size Matters

What does the size of the problems in your life say about you?

Now you might think I’m crazy when I say this – but when it comes to the problems in your life – Size Matters, but not how you think it might!

  1. List the biggest problem in your life

Now if you’ll bear with me….

The problem with your problems is they are NOT BIG ENOUGH!

Well at least this holds true for most of us most of the time…..

Let me explain ….

Firstly, one of the problems with problems is that we think they are “bad” and don’t won’t to deal with them, and we resist them.

And what we resist, persists

OK …..  step one is to accept your problems fully – in fact  – embrace them.

Step two, is to stop trying to get around your problems, or find easy solutions and start to deal with it directly.

Step three is to get honest with yourself about your mental attitude about the problems in your life.

  1. Ask yourself – who am I being to have a problem like this persist in my life? Don’t be derogatory or deprecating – just be honest.
  2. What positive things (pay offs) do I get out of having this thing persist? – If you can’t think of some juicy benefits – you’re not being honest!

Consider that whenever you create a “problem” in your life, you also create yourselves in the process, and most of the time it belittles you – you unconsciously limit yourself by judging yourself as somebody who has trouble dealing with that type of thing.

Your behavior and actions will fall in line with your own created opinions of yourself and pretty soon the people around you will start to relate to you as the person you created yourself as. They’re feedback to you will reinforce your own opinion of yourself and you become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Their opinions won’t change until, yours does, after a consistent change in behavior and action

Now; time for the good stuff – some mental gymnastics that may give you a new perspective on your problems.

Human beings are creatures of context and comparison – that’s what Einstein’s law or relativity is all about.

But anyhow, this article is about something we have a better chance of grasping!

It’s about a type of mental framework called context, in this case:

SIZE Matters!

I’ll tell you a little story of a client of mine, who after some discussion with me decided to help 3 friends also get fit and lose weight as a way of supporting her achieve her own fitness & weight loss goals – a great idea – when you lead the way for others we often put greater effort in ourselves!

I then said to her: that’s not enough people!

She looked at me a little peeved and begrudgedly said “OK …… I’ll help 4 people!”

I said “No way! Multiply it by ten!”

She screeched “40 PEOPLE! – NO WAY!” and actually got angry and that was the end of our session!

Well, next we spoke – she was a different woman, all excited and busy telling me how she had gotten a group together from her work, that included a bunch of people from her work for lunchtime and after-work socializing and playing sports, and stuff like organising a salad bar at the work canteen. She had also taken up spending time with her niece, helping her with her basketball training, by volunteering as an assistant for the team (about another 12 people). Also the 3 original friends had also added people to the pool, including their friends, family and work colleagues, and to total number of people she was helping; was now more like 60! And thats not including the people those people then when on the help!

She was thrilled! She lost more weight and got fitter that she had ever expected and kept it off, she also enrolled to train to be a basketball coach (she had been a keen player in her younger days) and now coaches her nieces basket ball team – which she says is one of the joys of her life!

All her friends and work colleagues suddenly changed the way they related to her! She has never been the same

The SIZE of your problem matters

Consider what action you would take:

If you saw a 50 cent piece under a parked car – just out of reach


If someone you loved, was trapped under the car and only had minutes to live if you didn’t help

Consider what action you would take:

If you needed $30 extra to buy organic meat & vegetables each week


If you needed to raise $1,000,000 to build a health centre in your area, so the local families didn’t have to travel 200km to the nearest hospital to have access to health care

OK, now let’s get back to your problems:

How would making your problem, bigger, MUCH BIGGER actually help you?

  1. List 3 creative and helpful idea’s that make your problem bigger, at least 10 times bigger
  2. Choose the best idea and get in action about it – list at least 1 action that you will take today about this new bigger problem!